What should I do if I find out that I completed the Visa application form with wrong passport information?

When you complete the Visa application form online, please double check all information before process the payment. This will help you to make sure all your information is correct.

Shortly after your payment, you should receive a confirmation email in the email address you provided us with. In this email, we confirm the information you entered earlier. If you find out any mistakes, please contact us right away by replying that email to ask for correction.

In the email, you confirm us the mistake and correct information which you want to change. We will check and send the new email to you to confirm that we have corrected the mistake.

Your Visa application will be processed when you receive the “Official Confirmation – Time to get the Vietnam electronic Visa of “. When you receive this email, it means your Visa application is processed already and it can not be canceled and amended.

In case you find the mistake after this, you are required to applied for a new Visa.

Notes: We have policy to give you the best price if your Visa application can not be amended and a new Visa is required. We will give you the best price, Just contact us for further information.
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