How much does Visa on arrival cost?

In general, there are two fees you are required to pay: The stamping fee (paid directly at Vietnam’s airport) and Our service fee for the approval letter (paid in advance). Our detailed fee schedule can be found here.

At present, we give you the best price for Visa application. Normally, 1 month single entry will cost: 8 USD for our service fee for the letter of approval + the stamping fee at Vietnam airport.

News & Updates on stamping fee

* Stamp fee at the airport (price per person)

– 25 USD for 1month and 3 months single entry

– 50 USD for 1 month and 3 months multiple entries

– 95 USD for less than 6 months multiple entries

– 135 USD for less than 1 year multiple entries

(*) Note: The fee on our site is displayed in US dollars. The stamping fee at the airport can be paid in USD or VND by Cash only.

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